Have been helping people randomly and have always been plagued by the self-doubt of am I doing enough? Often I see that I cant recollect, though the feeling is that yes you have helped people. This is an experiment of keeping an open dairy of random things I may have done for helping unknown people. This captures only help done to strangers, not for friends or acquaintances for keeping the anonymity. I hope this serves as a way to encourage me and others to do more of this.

Jan 2017

5) We went to a mall on New Years Day to have some dinner. The lady security guard responsible for scanning the people was busy letting in throngs of people enjoying their new year. At the same time when everyone was having fun, here is a lady who was cheerfully going through the security check of people all by herself in the lower parking basement. While I noticed on the way in, it didn’t occur to me that most people just pass by her without paying much attention to her work. On the way back all of us wished her a very happy new year. She was quite thrilled to see that my kids had wished her and acknowledged her contribution. Helping people can just be as simple as giving them respect or acknowledging them as a person.

Dec 2016

4) A proud 70+ year old was sitting with his daughter/daughter-in-law in a bus stop near Isha (Coimbatore). It looked like he could use a ride and we asked him if he needs a lift to anywhere like “Alandurai” – he seemed confused when we offered the lift but then got in the car. ┬áHe was one of those old proud villagers who seemed to have a dislike for asking anyone for anything. Finally after a few minutes of conversation, we found that he can get to his village if we just took an alternate route to my destination. He got down profoundly thanking us when we dropped him off. So much dignity was displayed in his interaction – we learnt how to accept help gracefully.

3) Gave a lift to an old farmer on my bike near Sametanahalli (Bangalore). The gentleman got off the bike when his destination came (a family function) and insisted on me joining him for “oota” in his celebration.

2) Took a shelter in a temple during a sudden rain at AnuGondanahalli. While I was in the temple about 5-7 kids of various ages from 5 till 12 had been assembled outside the temple, sweeping the floor off water. They were full of joy and playing during the chores. They were supervised by their mothers who seemed to be working in the temple. Just before leaving, when the rain stopped, asked for permission to distribute sweets that I had got for my family. This was a pleasant surprise for the kids. They children were overjoyed to pick one that they liked from the box of assorted sweets. The hand waving and the good-byes they gave before I moved the bike – priceless!

1) An old man, dressed in white and white dhoti was limping with a prop in majestic. He was begging, asking people for money. He seemed to struggle to move around and was limping across asking for money. He stopped in front of a tea stall in majestic, probably expecting the shopkeeper to give him a tea or probably thinking should he spend his money to buy a tea. After a minute or two, he decided to move on and try his luck begging further. Asked if he wanted a tea and he was happy to get the tea I got from the tea-stall. He sat down on a bench to have the tea. That should keep him going a little more.

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