Do you need 100 shoes

Ok, we need not have chosen to discuss shoes, it can as well be 100 shirts, 100 ties, 100 tea coasters, 100 wine glasses etc., the same arguments still hold good.

No number of shoes is enough, 100 shoes are an absolute must, should be a fairly obvious conclusion. Why bother to have a debate about this? Anyway, let me start very rationally to talk about the utility and the need for such a collection.

  • They are so practical and useful! I need a separate shoe for running, office party, red dress, tennis, purple gown, skiing,  floral dress, peach costume, ballet etc… etc.
  • They are so beautiful, they go with all my dresses. I am seen as someone in my group who has a great fashion sense and wears impeccably!
  • Well some of my shoes are given for charity events, they sell well!
Okay, we may have one too many and diminishing returns have set in … may be not all of the shoes are as useful and I don’t ski more than twice every three years. Darn!  If someone doesn’t see the usefulness of 100 shoes, let me see if a societal view sways the opinion:
  • Every one has some pet spending peeves, some spend on take-away foods, some on cars, some on cigarettes, why not on shoes?
  • We discuss shoes during our weekend parties. Everybody loves to hear where I found the (bargain or) designer shoe that I am wearing.
  • You can never have enough shoes, can we? (says one of the fashion magazine…)

Not convinced? Which planet are these people from? OMG, they probably don’t have a Facebook account too! They obviously, don’t take any serious effort to fit-in. Where do they fill their emptiness? Well, this one never fails, we are living in a free world, let me use this argument and end this once for all.

  • It makes me happy and I can afford it, so whats the problem? We are living in a free society, how can you argue against individual choice which doesn’t affect anyone or is not illegal?

So that’s it then. Cut to the chase, It all boils down to one reason – “my choice“.  While you are exercising this great responsibility of choice – can you consider choosing something that:

  • Goes easy on your own pockets and saves you from an endless cycle of work-to-consume?
  • Does not force the joneses from keeping up with you in this case?
  • Does not leave the planet with 100 extra pair of shoes to make into petroleum? Your shoes and the planet, unfortunately survive longer than you!
  • Does not send thousands of low paid workers in the east hurrying everyday to shanty factories and abusive corporations to keep up with the insatiable need for shoes?


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