In the journey of life – we constantly come across various questions and need to make difficult choices. The questions we grapple range from the mundane (eg. Which dress should I wear for the office party?) to the profound (eg. Where is this life taking me?).

Experience has taught us that solutions to these problems are complex. They are complex because problems can be approached using different dimensions (perspectives) with self defined rules around priorities. Solutions to problems faced in life can be arrived at analyzing various dimensions including (and not limited to):

  • Social – What does everyone here do in this situation?
  • Moral – What is the ethical way of solving this?
  • Religious – What is god’s message to me in this?
  • Financial – What is the cost/benefit to me in this?
  • Environment – How does my action impact the environment/climate?
  • Experience – What does me experience teach me to do?
  • Feelings – What does my feelings/intuition tell me to do?
While many of these dimensions are subjective and have no right or wrong way of doing things, looking at it purely from a mathematical or financial (cost vs benefit) perspective narrows the response choices.
This is a Finance Blog and attempts to look at life’s problems “purely” from a financial (cost/benefit) perspective.

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