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What to do when you finish your exam before time…

It’s still the exam season, and having forced myself to write my L-2 exam for at least 2 hours (as I would usually finish in an hour and a quarter), I realised that I still had 1 hour left, and could not do anything, really.

For starters, I couldn’t doodle on the question paper. At that, I can’t even shade the margins of my question paper with a nice, comfy purple.

It’s strange how schools want to prevent innocent ventures of its students, at such an early time. True, my Board Exam next year would involve submitting the question paper at the end of the Three Hours, therefore doodling was completely off limits.

But till then, I could still take my paper home, right?

Maybe it’s an attempt to prevent cheating, but simple squiggles, and snakes, maybe? How could I possibly hide a secret message inside my squiggles, and that someone who read it from, what, two metres away would understand?

Oh, I get it, Code Languages. An inverted n means “Tell me this question’s answer”, and an inverted L means “I don’t know this answer, dammit!” or an inverted Q means “You wanna play Fortnite after the exam is over?”

I guess that till then, I’ll stick to “beautifying” my paper with completely unnecessary lines, and pretending that my two erasers are the gloved fists in a Boxing Match.

When Term Exams End…

Isn’t it just amazing, when you hear the bell at 12 o’ clock, on that day when you have finished that dreaded SST Paper?

For me, that would mean I would get to relax, breeze through my 2nd Language exam that was coming up (French, ya know), and then repeat for the last subject. Then I would have 10 odd days where I would be able to gawk at the computer all day, not bothering about SST, or English: I  would play ALL day, not bothering about the data usage, and chatting on Hangouts or something like that.

BUT NO. That ain’t what was going to happen.

Suddenly all the plans and announcements to your friends like, “Guys, we should really play Multiplayer Roblox over the break: I’ll be mostly free on my phone, ya know,” ALL that stuff goes down the drain. And you can’t announce that you won’t be free during the break all of a sudden, without being inquired as to why.

Naturally, you can’t tell your parents about this: they don’t agree with being on the Computer all day, quite obviously.

The question remains: What on Earth are you supposed to do?

Is it your fault to raise false hopes? Or was it actually just your own false hopes that you were spreading to all those around you?


Roblox over the break, anyone?